Final Settlement


At the conclusion of your workers’ compensation case you may be entitled to a final settlement. This is an amount that you may receive to compensate you for the injury that has prevented you from working, or has left you with significant pain and restrictions. The insurance company will not want to pay you any money for settlement, so they will try to lowball you so that they can get out of the case as cheaply as possible.

Final Settlement Assessment

Determining what a case is worth for final settlement purposes is very complicated, and many things have to be considered. Some things taken into consideration during this assessment are the nature of your injury, whether it prevents you from working temporarily or permanently, emotional and psychological injuries, and maximum medical improvementFuture medical benefits are also taken into consideration, so it is important to protect your right to future medical care at the time of your final settlement.

When it is time to settle your case, we will schedule a settlement conference at the Division of Workers’ Compensation. You will go downtown with Steve Gurwin, and meet with the judge and the attorney representing the insurance company. At the settlement conference, our objective will be to try to settle your case for as much as possible without having to go to court. If the case is settled at the settlement conference, then there will be no need to go before a workers’ compensation judge. If the case is not settled, then it will probably be necessary to set a hearing and go before a judge so that we can get a fair settlement for your case.

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