Workers’ Compensation Hearings and Appeals

Steve Gurwin will make every effort to settle your case without having to go to court. However, he is not afraid to go to court against the big insurance companies. The insurance companies know which attorneys settle cases quickly for low value, and they know which attorneys are afraid of legal battles with the insurance companies.

judgeHowever, since Steve Gurwin was a former workers compensation judge who goes to court all of the time, the insurance companies know that he is not afraid to take them to court if they do not offer his client all of the benefits to which they are entitled. This usually results in higher settlements and more benefits for the clients who Mr. Gurwin represents.

In court, your case will be heard by a workers’ compensation judge. Steve Gurwin served as a workers’ compensation judge for many years. At the time of the hearing, he will present evidence in your behalf. He will also present the testimony of witnesses who will testify for you. The attorney for the insurance company will present his evidence as well. The judge will make a ruling after all of the evidence is submitted. The Colorado Rules of Evidence apply to all workers’ compensation hearings.

Appeals and Reversals

It is possible to appeal a decision of the workers’ compensation judge, but it is very difficult to get the judge reversed. That is why it is important to be represented by a good attorney like Steve Gurwin, since he knows all of the rules and procedures, as well as the Colorado Rules of Evidence. Steve Gurwin knows what evidence should be presented on your behalf, and this will greatly increase your chances of having a good outcome at the time of the hearing.

Again, it is very difficult to get the decision of the judge reversed on appeal. Therefore, it is very important that your case is presented properly at the hearing. You do not get a second chance. It is critical to get the judge to rule in your favor, so that you do not have to worry about getting the decision reversed through appeals. Winning at hearing is always the best way to go, and being represented by Steve Gurwin is the best way to make your one chance count.

In workers’ compensation, bad things can happen fast unless you act. There are many critical time deadlines which occur at various stages of the case. It is very important for you to get a skilled workers compensation attorney like Steve Gurwin in your corner and working on your behalf as soon as possible, so that he can begin protecting your legal rights before your rights are lost forever.

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