Notice of Contest

After you have suffered an injury at work, the insurance company must file either a Notice of Contest, which contests liability for your injury, or an Admission of Liability, agreeing that you have suffered an on the job injury and accepting liability for the injury. The law does not say which course of action the insurance company must take, but they must file either a Notice of Contest or an Admission of Liability within a certain period of time.

stopwatchThere can be several reasons why an insurance company may file a Notice of Contest. Sometimes the insurance company needs more time to investigate the circumstances of the injury. After the investigation is completed, they may either stand on their Notice of Contest, or decide to File an Admission of Liability. Another reason why the insurance company may file a Notice of Contest is because they hope that the injured worker will just go away, and that he will not hire an attorney to represent him and obtain fair benefits for him.

Results of a Notice of Contest

The important thing to know about a Notice of Contest is that once it is filed by the insurance company, the insurance company owes nothing to the injured worker. They do not owe him any lost wages, and they do not have to provide him with medical care. If a Notice of Contest is filed, then it is up to the injured worker to force the issue, and this usually means taking the insurance company to court before a workers’ compensation judge.

A skilled workers’ compensation attorney like Steve Gurwin knows how to deal with an insurance company which has filed a Notice of Contest, and he will fight for you if a Notice of Contest has been filed in your case.

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