Present and Future Medical Benefits

Present Medical Benefits

medical-benefitsPresent medical benefits are the benefits you receive after your injury and up to the point that you reach Maximum Medical Improvement. Present medical benefits are the benefits which help you recover from your injury. These are often short term benefits that address immediate medical needs related to the work injury.

Present medical benefits are often the subject of hearings before a workers’ compensation judge. After your injury, you will be in the hands of a doctor who may be more concerned about the insurance company than about providing you with proper medical care. You should have a skilled workers’ compensation attorney to fight for your medical benefits, and who will negotiate with the insurance company or their attorney to get you better medical care. It is often necessary to bring the matter to hearing before a workers’ compensation judge.

Future Medical Benefits

Future medical benefits are critical to you and your family, as you may need to receive additional medical care long after the workers’ compensation doctor has released you from his care. Often, future medical benefits are necessary in order to “maintain your condition”, and to “prevent your condition from deteriorating”. The insurance company and your doctor will often not want you to have future medical benefits after your case is closed, because that will cost the insurance company money. A skilled attorney like Steve Gurwin knows how important these future medical benefits are to you, and will fight to make sure that you receive all of the future medical benefits to which you are entitled.

Many attorneys do not give proper attention to future medical benefits. Once the case is settled and they have been paid, they sometimes are not interested in spending time and energy on your future medical needs. However, Steve Gurwin realizes how important future medical benefits can be to you and your family, and he will fight hard to make sure that your right to future medical benefits is protected, even after the time of case closure or settlement.

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