Psychological and Emotional Injuries

workers-comp-medical-doctorWhile many attorneys ignore the issue of psychological injuries, Steve Gurwin knows that sometimes the emotional and psychological consequences resulting from an injury can be as devastating as the physical injury itself.

When you receive a serious workplace injury, there are many things you will have to deal with besides the pain and disability that the injury has caused. You may be concerned about your ability to earn a living for yourself and your family once your case is over. Money can be tight after a work injury, and maybe the bill collectors are starting to call. Work injuries can cause relationship problems with your spouse or significant other, children, family or friends. You may be experiencing pain, as well as limitations in the things that you can do. There may be things which you could do before your injury, which you can no longer do. All of these are very serious, yet common and understandable problems.

Psychological Injuries and Insurance

It is wrong to ignore the psychological and emotional part of the workplace injury, as many attorneys do. It is important to get you emotional support if you feel that you need it. Not only do most attorneys ignore this critical aspect of the case, but it is generally ignored by your treating physician and the insurance company as well. The treating physician is often late to recognize an emotional problem, and reluctant to make a referral to a health care professional who can give you emotional support, because this may upset the insurance company. The insurance company is hesitant to agree that you need emotional support, because that will cost them money which they do not want to spend on your treatment.

Steve Gurwin understands the extreme emotional stress a work injury can cause to an individual. He understands the importance of emotional recovery in your case, and knows how to fight to get you the benefits to which you are entitled.

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