I am often asked about the possibility of reopening a case.  While under some circumstances it is possible to reopen a case, it can be very difficult to do so. There are two main ways that a case can be closed.  The first way is if you settle the case with the insurance company, and… Read More »

What’s an Arm Worth?

As previous posts have mentioned, Colorado pays out permanent disability benefits based upon an “impairment system”, as opposed to a ‘disability system’.  What this means is that if you lose or injure a particular body part, the amount that you can recover is determined by the particular body part involved, and not the effect which… Read More »

New Website

We have enhanced our website! Our website now includes a blog that will include our thoughts and advice on the Workers’ Compensation system in Colorado. Our blog now automatically posts to our Facebook also. Follow us on our social media sites! Check back with us often for new content and guides to help you with… Read More »